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May 14, 2020 3 min read

Natural deodorant has been a hot topic for years! We know it can be scary to ditch your aluminum-based, plastic-packed deodorants for the au'natural alternative so we want to take a moment and ease your mind! Here is why Bai-li natural deodorant is the best healthy alternative! 

On a very basic level Bai-li consists of simply 8 ingredients, all of which can be easily pronounced and recognized. We believe, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient you shouldn’t be putting it into or onto your body. Many deodorants are unnecessarily jam packed with chemicals, and harmful/irritating ingredients. We believe less is more.

We are proud to be aluminum free, fragrance free, baking soda free, parabens free, cruelty, free and plastic free!

The most talked about ingredient in deodorant is Aluminum...big, bad aluminum. This metal is found in most big name antiperspirants and most widely known for contributing to Alzhiemer’s and Breast Cancer. Although it has not been scientifically proven, many doctors believe applying harsh chemicals to the same spot over many years cannot be good. Aluminum also stops your sweat glandes from doing their job. Our bodies are designed to sweat and rid themselves of toxins and when we use antiperspirants with aluminum we rob our body of its natural bodily function.

Let's talk about fragrance. The term ‘fragrance’ on a label (unless specified otherwise) means that there can be up to 300 or more distinct chemicals including carcinogens which can cause chronic health issues including cancer. That term is a mask, hiding the truth of what's inside. Deodorant is a product you apply every single day if not multiple times a day to the same area of your body for most of your life. That repeated gesture over a lifetime can have scary effects. Not to gross you out, but studies have found large amounts of build up on corpses. These chemicals stay with you even after death. That is why Bai-li is fragrance free and only scented with pure essential oils.

One of our FAQ's is, "Is Bai-li baking soda free?" And the answer is YES, 100%. Many people, including our founder, experience a harsh reaction to sensitive underarm skin with baking soda. In Bailey's R&D while creating Bai-li she experimented with baking soda which caused an irritating rash that stayed with her for weeks. Thus, baking soda didn't make the cut!

Bai-li’s two main odor blocking ingredients are Magnesium Hydroxide and Probiotics! These two together pack a powerful one-two punch! Magnesium Hydroxide is a naturally occurring element in our earth. Unlike aluminum, magnesium hydroxide is not a heavy metal and is safe to use on skin. We believe Probiotics help balance the underarm microbiome by killing the bad bacteria and adding good bacteria. And to contribute to these two powerhouses, all other ingredients in Bai-li (shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot starch, candelilla wax, jojoba oil, essential oils) have their own unique anti-bacterial properties!

Each deodorant in handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and eliminate the need for preservatives.

Moving on to our packaging! Bai-li is the perfect alternative to plastic packed deodorants with its biodegradable push-up tube. We're taking old school push-pops to the next level! We know how many natural deodorant options there are on the market right now, but most of them are packed in plastic. We simply wanted a more sustainable option. We didn't want Bai-li's container to remain on our Earth far longer than we would. And did we mention our labels are made out of sugarcane?! It's our favorite feature.  

 Bai-li is better for you and better for our Earth! 

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