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Article: Earth Day Every Day: A Guide to Eco-Conscious Living This Summer

Earth Day Every Day: A Guide to Eco-Conscious Living This Summer

Earth Day Every Day: A Guide to Eco-Conscious Living This Summer

Where I am in the world, everything is blooming. The trees are bursting with neon green leaves, lilacs are infusing the air with the sweet aroma of warmer days to come. Neighbors are cutting grass, and the sun—oh, the sun—is kissing my cheeks once again. It feels like the recipe for life itself. Mother Nature is doing what she does best on this beautiful sunny Earth Day.

Today, as we celebrate our Earth, I want to share how we can extend this celebration through the entire summer and beyond by making eco-conscious choices that nourish and uplift both our health and the world around us.

Everyday Choices Matter

At Bai-li Essentials, we believe in the power of everyday choices. What you put into and onto your body, and the waste you leave behind, matters immensely. Our commitment to this philosophy is reflected in our products—from natural deodorants to lip balms, all packaged in compostable or recyclable materials. These are not just products; they are a testament to our dedication to sustainability and health.

Summer is the perfect time to adopt new habits that support a sustainable lifestyle. Here are some creative ways to be more eco-conscious:

  1. Choose Marine-Safe Products: Heading to the beach? Ensure that your sunscreen, lip balm, and skincare are marine-safe. These products are designed to minimize the impact on marine life and ecosystems, making your beach days more ocean-friendly.

  2. Natural Deodorants: Unlike traditional products, Our natural deodorants are free from aluminum and parabens, reducing your body's exposure to harmful chemicals and decreasing your ecological footprint.

  3. Sustainable Fashion: Embrace sustainable fashion by choosing clothes made from organic or recycled materials. Look for certifications like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) to ensure that the fabrics are not only better for the environment but also for the people who make them.

  4. Thrift: Whether you're looking for a style refresh or redecorating a room in your home. You'd be surprised what you can find at your local thrift stores. Shopping becomes a lot more fun when you're saving money and treasure hunting for hidden gems!
  5. Grow Your Green Thumb: Start a small herb garden or a few potted plants. Gardening can be a therapeutic activity, and growing your own herbs reduces the need for plastic-packaged goods from the store.

  6. Find a local CSA: Every year my husband and I join a local CSA where they grow organic produce, flowers, herbs, and family harvested honey. We go once a week for about 26 weeks and it costs us $22 per week for the freshest produce and a community experience. They also partner with other local farms for items such as eggs and meat.
  7. Composting: If you aren’t already composting, summer is a great time to start. Composting food scraps and yard waste reduces the amount of garbage sent to landfills and provides excellent nutrition for your garden.

  8. Eco-Friendly Picnics: Plan your picnics with reusable utensils, plates, and cups. Avoid single-use plastics to keep our parks and beaches clean.

As we enjoy the vibrant life of summer, let’s remember that the beauty of today requires our active participation to be preserved for tomorrow. I encourage you to integrate these eco-friendly practices into your daily routine. Each small step is a leap towards a healthier planet.

In the spirit of Earth Day, let’s make every day an opportunity to nourish and uplift our health and the world around us. That is pure and beautiful.

With love, Bailey

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