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our story

Hi, I'm Bailey

I founded Bai-li Essentials in 2019 on a mission to create natural skincare that was as kind to the planet as it was to my skin.

Bai-li means 'pure-beautiful' in Mandarin - a nickname given to me by my first love, who passed away in 2016. It now embodies my commitment to natural, non-toxic ingredients and eco-conscious practices, which I believe is pure and beautiful.

All essentials are handmade in the USA and sustainably packaged in compostable or recyclable materials.

I believe in the power of everyday choices. What you put into and onto your body and the waste you leave behind matters.

the heart and soul of Bai-li

Just The Essentials

In a world that can feel chaotic, disconnected, and wasteful, I hope that Bai-li can be a pillar of hope. My essentials are more than products; they are companions for a sustainable life, a journey of self-love, and a foundation for community.

As you explore Bai-li, let each essential be a reminder to love yourself, to nurture the bonds of community, and to tread gently upon our earth. In doing so, we create a world that is pure and beautiful.

With love, Bailey

Founder of Bai-li Essentials