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Meet Bailey

Welcome to the heart and soul of Bai-li Essentials. In the heat of Los Angeles in the summer of 2019, I found my calling. It was 110 °F and I was on a mission to create a natural deodorant that actually worked and was as kind to the planet as it was to my skin. After many shifting formulas I landed on one that was effective and felt and smelled amazing.

The spirit of Bai-li is cradled in the name my first love, who left our world in 2016, gave me. He told me it means 'pure-beautiful.' "And don't ever forget it," he added which never left me.

With a loving nudge from the past, I knew exactly what the brand should be named.

Bethlehem, PA is where you'll find me creating these days. I love the changing seasons here.

I believe in the power of everyday choices. In a world that can feel chaotic, disconnected, and wasteful, I hope that Bai-li can be a pillar of hope. My essentials are more than products; they are companions for a sustainable life, a journey of self-love, and a foundation for community.

What we put into and onto our bodies matters.

As you explore Bai-li Essentials, let each item be a reminder—a reminder to love yourself, to nurture the bonds of community, and to tread gently upon our earth. For in doing so, we create a world that is pure and beautiful.

With love,


Founder of Bai-li Essentials