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Article: Bai-li Ingredient Breakdown

Bai-li Ingredient Breakdown

Bai-li Ingredient Breakdown

How many deodorants/antiperspirants do you know that have eight or less ingredients? Yea, I know, not many! Bai-li is proud to consist of only eight ingredients that do an excellent job at fighting odor and keeping your body healthy! Products don’t need a long list of ingredients to work their magic. We believe less is more and we want to walk you through the benefits of each ingredient here!


Organic, unrefined, coconut oil. This smooth, moisturizing oil is produced from the fresh meat of the coconut. It is naturally antibacterial and helps fight bad bacteria. It is also hydrating and anti-inflammatory.


Organic unrefined shea butter. Shea butter is a dream moisturizer because it won’t clog your pores. It is non-comedogenic unlike many deodorants and antiperspirants. And it’s got naturally antibacterial properties!


Organic arrowroot starch. This awesome ingredient which a lot of people use to bake with, helps absorb moisture and thickens the deodorant!


Candelilla wax. This is our plant based binding agent! We wanted our deodorants to be considered vegan therefore we opted for something other than beeswax. Candelilla wax does the job of holding all the ingredients together so that it stays solid in our biodegradable push up tube and makes it easy for you to apply!


Magnesium hydroxide. We bow down to this ingredient  because its so amazing at fighting odor. It is a naturally occurring mineral in our Earth. Studies have shown the magnesium hydroxide does not absorb into the skin. It fights odor without impacting the dermis. Amazing!


Essential oils. Essential oils are what make Bai-li smell so lovely without all the harmful chemicals in fragrance. Not only does the scent deodorize, it helps calm, energize, relax, etc, depending on which scent you get. These oils help open up your pores allowing you to release toxins and cool off. Essential oils also have antibacterial properties.


Organic jojoba oil. This ingredient is naturally anti-inflammatory to help tame chaffing. So when you’re living your active lifestyle you won’t have to worry about irritating chaffs.


Probiotics. Your underarm has its own microbiome which means there’s a lot going on under there. Probiotics help boost the good bacteria in your underarm while killing off the odor causing bacteria. It helps balance a delicate area of your body!


We hope this helps you better understand exactly what you’re putting onto your body! We truly believe if you can’t pronounce an ingredient and the list is fifty words long, it probably isn’t healthy for you. We also want to encourage you to read labels to proactively choose the products that best align with you!

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