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November 17, 2020 2 min read

Small, local businesses are one of the key elements in creating a sense of real community. This holiday season will, no doubt, be different, but you can still find magic all around if you choose to look on a local, small, community level. This year has hit small businesses harder than ever and now is the time to show them we’re on their side and rooting for them!

Here’s what’s cool about shopping small…

You’ll find unique, often handmade products that have a story to tell!

You’ll find amazing customer service because small business owners LOVE what they do and want their customers to be the happiest they can be!

Shopping small is more sustainable and better for our Earth! Bigger corporations leave a much larger carbon footprint. Small businesses are often more mindful of where they source materials and what kind of impact they’re leaving on the planet.

Small businesses may not be able to give you a big Black Friday 50% off, but that’s because their products are not greatly marked up in the first place. So we suggest instead of purchasing a lot of main stream products at crazy discounts, purchase less and spend a few more bucks on that one-of-a-kind handmade product. Sometimes less is more.

The best bonus of all about shopping small is, you’re going to feel great about it! You will feel that spark of holiday magic after supporting small because myself and all other small businesses can’t do it without YOU.

Here are some small businesses that we love and think you will too…

  1. In Emily’s Kitchen (@inemilyskitchen)- The yummiest spice blends! They’ll keep you going through the holidays!
  2. FD Market (@fdmarket)- All things sustainable in the heart of my hometown (The Lehigh Valley)!
  3. Season of Spring (@seasonofspring)- Woman owned shop! Unique, downloadable designs you can frame!
  4. L’orange (@lorangeproducts)- Woman owned! Handmade fiber products like the cutest macramé plant hangers!
  5. Samanca Jewelry (@samancajewelry)- Handmade jewelry made in SoCal!
  6. The Waste Less Shop (@thewastelessshop)- The very first sustainable store to carry Bai-li deodorants!
  7. UVIDA (@UVIDA)- Latina women owned and led! Boston’s first eco-friendly store.
  8. Green Explorer’s Club (@greenexplorersclub)- Run by two moms! Fun project boxes kids can learn from!
  9. Here’s a link to all of the awesome small businesses that carry Bai-li!

When Black Friday rolls around, know that Small Business Saturday is just a day away and means so much more to so many more people. And while we usually can’t give big discounts, we’ll do a little something! So, shop small this holiday, spread the word and share the love!

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