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February 06, 2023 1 min read

At Bai-li Essentials, we are committed to creating products that are not only effective, but also eco-friendly. That's why we choose to package our deodorant and lip balms in kraft cardboard push-up tubes.

Kraft cardboard is made from kraft pulp, which is a type of pulp made from softwoods. After its use, kraft cardboard breaks down through a process called biodegradation. This process occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi break down the organic matter into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water.

Biodegradation is a natural process that occurs in the presence of water, oxygen, and the right temperature. As you use your Bai-li Essentials products you'll notice the oils start to stain the exterior of the tube or the cardboard start to soften in some areas. That is totally normal and part of the beautiful breakdown process.

That's why we choose kraft cardboard for our packaging. Not only is it biodegradable, but it is also durable and versatile. Our kraft cardboard tubes are able to withstand the pressure of everyday use, and the push-up design makes it easy for you to use every last bit of deodorant.

By choosing Bai-li Essentials, you're not only choosing healthy skincare, but you're also taking care of the environment.

When you're finished using your Bai-li products, simply give them back to the Earth and Mother Nature will do the rest!

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