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January 19, 2023 1 min read

If you're someone who's looking to switch to a more natural lifestyle, one of the first things you might consider changing is your deodorant. Conventional deodorants are filled with synthetic chemicals and fragrances that can have negative impacts on your health and the environment. Natural/plastic free deodorants offer a safer, eco-friendly alternative. Here are a few reasons why Bai-li Natural Deodorant is the way to go:

    1. Chemical-free: Conventional deodorants contain a variety of synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to your health. These chemicals include parabens, which can disrupt hormone function, and aluminum, which has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Bai-li deodorants are free from these harmful chemicals.

    2. Eco-friendly: Conventional deodorants often come in single-use plastic containers that end up in landfills and contribute to plastic pollution. Statistics show that every year, 8 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans and by 2050, the ocean will have more plastic than fish by weight. Bai-li is packaged in a biodegradable cardboard tube. When you're done using your deo, just give it back to our Earth!

    3. Gentle on sensitive skin: Conventional deodorants can be harsh on sensitive skin, causing irritation and redness. Even natural deodorants that contain Baking Soda can cause irritation. That's why Bai-li is chemical and Baking Soda free. Our sensitive skin customers love Bai-li!

Making the switch is good for you and good for Earth! 

 And let's not forget about another daily essential...Lip Balm! Bai-li Lip Balm is just as eco-friendly as our deodorants! Stop purchasing single use plastic packed lip-balms. Make a conscious effort to choose sustainable!

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